Inaugural Event October 21st – Women of Mastery and Faith

Women of Mastery and Faith

In Times Like This, It’s Good To Have A Safe Place to Discover A New Way

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Discover the benefits of having your own peer advisory board of women just like you that want to walk in their faith in their business.  

Mini-Experience of Women of Mastery and Faith


November 10th

3:00pm EDT

On Zoom

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Women of Mastery and Faith are women who are

  • A Founder, an Executive, Senior Manager or Business Owner
  • Engaged in a significant level of responsibility in the organization
  • Committed to living through their faith in business and in their personal life

Women of Mastery and Faith Benefits

  • Monthly zoom calls that are designed to give each member an opportunity to learn best practices from each other and get insights to current issues at their business
  • External, candid conversations that can’t happen internally
  • Fellowship with like-minded women who share your faith and level of excellence
  • Experts in leadership issues to get your questions answered
  • Attendance at the semi-annual in-person event (Location TBD)

Get a safe peaceful place to feed your soul and benefit from your own peer advisory board.

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The Three Staffs of Our Community


Staff One: Confidence

Staff One: Confidence

  • Become empowered through the peace of God's armour as our faith binds us as one
  • Surround yourself with high-level Christian peers so that any sense of isolation is resolved
  • Give yourself time to be bathed in our faith so that you can feed your soul
  • Empower yourself through validation of God’s purpose for your position and compensation
  • Receive and give knowledge and support in the pursuit of excellence for the glory of God
  • Receive gratitude and recognition for your beliefs and shared expertise
  • Embody the power of the fruits of the Holy Spirit and be a light for others to know them
  • Impact the lives of those in your business as well as your personal life

Staff Two: Competence

Staff Two: Competence

  • Unwavering support for you to navigate difficult corporate decisions while remaining true to your faith
  • Generate new ideas through collaborative intelligence with other Christian women leaders
  • Gain faith-grounded sagacity and creativity for your current and future projects
  • Opportunity to see your dilemma through the eyes of your faith-led peers
  • Grow into new levels from the guidance and education of faith-led leadership experts
  • Learn from faith-led colleagues who have gone before you and experienced success or failure already
  • Equip yourself for the battlefield with each element of God's armour

Staff Three: Collaboration

Staff Three: Collaboration

  • A personal faith-led Board of Advisors to elevate you and honor the role God has given you
  • Absorb the vibrant value of a brain trust of Christian peers so that you can anchor action plans that honor God
  • Insights from extraordinary trailblazing Christian female leaders for new governance models aligning with God's word
  • Biblical principals of financial stewardship that you can receive and give to raise others up
  • Unparalleled true confidantes with which you can share successes, failures and concerns
  • Exponential value of input/feedback from others with experience when compared to paying for the same expertise on an individual basis
  • Opportunity to support other Christian women in their personal, professional, business and life concerns

Your Founder, Dr. Theresa

Your Founder,

Dr. Theresa

Dr. Theresa Pantanella, OTD loves the Lord.  But, it wasn't always that way. 

In 2012, her million-dollar award-winning healthcare business collapsed. She lost everything. Unknown to her, God had tapped her on the shoulder and her journey with Him had begun. She knew in her heart she wasn't living her purpose.  

After much prayer and asking of God what she should be doing, she learned many Christian women leaders don't have the support they crave or the fellowship with other faith-led women.  She had made it her mission to provide that for them, and founded the community Women of Mastery and Faith.

She refreshes her soul with daily prayer, regular fellowship with other Christians and serving others.